H.B.A. 2 (Week 1): A Work in Progrzz

Last week, I sat down with the eclectic, electric Sir Grzzwall of Fog City Mavericks and Bayonics. We drank a few beers, smoked a few jazz cigarettes, and covered a lot of material- from his formative years in Alaska all the way through to his ultimate destination: the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Now I'm left with the task of sorting through 8 pages of notes representing countless stories, concepts, ideas and images all spawned from one afternoon of drinking in the Dogpatch Saloon. I truly think it would be easier if this were a 30 page piece that could get a year of my effort (and maybe one day it will), but I've set a 3 page cap and a 3 week deadline.

The above image won't likely be a part of the final piece. It comes from a moment in conversation when Grzz-- looking out towards future projects-- described the image of "a little kid, like a stick figure, casting this big ass shadow of a grizzly bear on the wall behind him". It stuck with me because I think it captures his story in a really astute way. While his music and image are full of cross cultural reference points, his core identity is a projection of deep internal ferocity and ruthless perseverance.