#TheCommuter: The Family Crest & the Moleskine aesthetic

I saw the Family Crest's name on The Outside Lands 2015 lineup and remembered how much I love this song. It opens with the sound of a ships horn moaning across the San Francisco bay. We hear them periodically from the CTOB global headquarters/home office on Nob Hill. On a quiet night, it's like hearing the Golden Gate Bridge hum when it doesn't think you're listening. 

The rest of the song is just beautiful chaos, just like the rest of the City. I kill a of time on my commute sifting through the mess for cool images, people, and stories. My route takes me down through lower Nob Hill (rich with street art thanks to the kids at the Academy) then on through Union Square to Powell Station where I catch an L. It's a 20 minute walk right through the pumping heart of SF. This is the Frisco I'm looking at lately:


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