The Joker is a scary dude

Via Comic Book ResourcesThe highly criticized variant cover for "Batgirl" #41 will not be published by DC Comics, CBR News has learned. This move was made at the request of the cover's artist, Rafael Albuquerque.

Little bit of controversy here. Not too much, but a little bit.

A few folks have cried "censorship", but this seems to have been firmly Albuquerque's decision and that's nothing wrong with an artist responding to their fans. People didn't like this image because it's really fucking scary, and that's not really what the new Batgirl is about. I understand the fans rejection of the piece on that grounds. The piece is extremely well executed, their is no doubt about that. Absolutely chilling take on an iconic character. It's genuinely bothersome to look at. 

If you're not a huge comics fan and have never read The Killing Joke- get your hands on a copy. It's the definitive Joker story. But be forewarned- it's as dark as a Batman story can possibly get.