The Frisco Yeti, issue 1; The NorCal Cannasseur

Within the 24 pages of this sleek 4.5" x 5.5" minicomic (we call that a "Quad" around the biz), you will truly find everything you need for your journey to becoming a well-qualifiedCannasseur of Northern California's favorite crop:

  • The illustrated feature "Underground with the Ganja Miners of Bumbleskeet County, California". An exclusive report from the Frisco Yeti! It's a rare look into the rapidly evolving world of ganja mining in Northern California. This is hard hitting, illustrated investigative journalism, folks; and it features dwarves, sasquatches, conspiracies, drugs, murder, incest and just a dash of heresy. Really, it's just sort of a reference to some off-screen heresy-- no full frontal heresy. And all the incest is really just implied, pretty heavily. Still, now that I say it all... it feels like kind of a lot for 7 pages.
  • Customized Strain Scorecards for each of the 7 strains that you will need to know intimately before you can truly call yourself a NorCal Cannasseur. Each card also has the genetic heritage for the strain, which will help you to grow your appreciation and knowledge of the local cannabis genetics pool. 
  • The Rec is my complete set of recommendations for where to go for all your ganja needs in SF; including best strains, best dispensaries, best delivery, best place to unload a couple of monkeys, and the best edibles on your local dispensary shelves. 
  • Combine that with The Yeti Map and you've got everything you need to know to get stoned in San Francisco.
  • Plus, on the back cover you'll find the full-color illustration The Slow Burner. It's an easy, step-by-step guide to rolling up an artisanal joint for special occasions. Specifically, my lunch break from work. 
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The Frisco Yeti's Official Strain Scorebook

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